The value of tourism is unmistakable, with more than $850 million of the state’s $2 billion tourism industry coming from activities and attractions in Sussex County. Our beaches are impeccable. In fact, the U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council gave Sussex County beaches its highest 5 star rating for ocean water quality and ranked our beaches the cleanest among the 30 U.S. coastal states.

Tourism employs 15,000 direct jobs and brings new money into our communities.   Tourism sales have a multiplier effect of 2.2 (for every $1 spent directly by a visitor, another $1.20 is generated in indirect sales to the local economy). Top 10 visitor activities include dining, going to the beach, tax-free shopping, festivals/special events, historic sites/museums, antiquing, cultural arts, fishing/crabbing, biking and boating/paddling.

family biking on the breakwater trail on a sunny day